The Gate

The Gate was created in 1996 as a training and development base for the residents of Yarrow’s supported housing. Since then, we have become renowned for cutting edge provision for anyone with a learning disability.

Our approach
The Gate is based on the belief that if you discover and nourish personal expression and talents, people can gain the skills and self-confidence they need to live a fulfilling life in the community. You could say that our philosophy is ‘Being Through Doing.’

Our method
The Gate offers a variety of individually tailored programmes that are offered on a one-to-one basis or in groups. These are designed to be purposeful, creative, entertaining and fun within a ‘Can Do’ and non-institutionalised environment.

People often use these programmes as a complement to sessions booked elsewhere. This both ensures engagement in their activities, and that they use the skills they learn to work towards genuine independence.

Our learners
As well as working with people who live independently, The Gate welcomes individuals with complex and challenging needs. These include sensory, mobility, mental health and complex communication needs.

The support staff who accompany service users are encouraged to join in activities, which both strengthens their working relationship and ensures individually tailored support throughout.

Our facilities
We have two large studio spaces with adaptable equipment and furniture to accommodate a wide range of sessions. We also have a fully equipped kitchen and a small studio, which is dedicated to technical work- notably video editing, electronic music creation and computer-based activities.

Our team
Adam, The Gate’s manager, has 20 years of experience of working with people with learning disabilities and, as a trained actor and film director, he specialises in running video, drama workshops and film making.

Day service worker Sebastian first joined Yarrow as a volunteer. Since becoming a member of staff, he has specialised in running music improvisation groups and one-to-one music sessions, where he teaches the likes of music performance and sound engineering. He also runs the video drama group. At the end of each session, a short film is made and put on YouTube so that friends and family can enjoy it.