Multimedia Profiling

A Multimedia profile contains images conveyed through a range of media – still pictures and photographs, video, sound, graphics and text – all of which reflect each person’ life experiences. This creates a ‘catalogue’ of his or her daily activities, personal history, memorable events, family occasions, shopping trips, holidays, visits to cafes and so on. The result not only enables individuals who don’t use speech to better communicate their wants and needs and discover new skills, but it also celebrates an individual’s strengths, focusing on the positive and small achievements in their daily lives that might otherwise go unacknowledged. This innovative way of building self-esteem, encouraging greater control and opening up new ways of communicating has proved enormously successful at Yarrow, where staff are specially trained in its use.

Particularly significant benefits of multimedia include a bespoke approach to person-centred-planning; an end to meaningless and exclusive paper information; and a greater shift towards services users being the driving force of Yarrow. Mutimedia has also reduced frustration among many service users, thereby reducing challenging behaviour – in many cases, leading to their names being removed from the local authority’s ‘Challenging Needs’ list of people at risk to themselves and others. Some service users have developed such flair in their use of multimedia that they have bought their own computers.

Yarrow's Multimedia project was the London region winner of the National Housing Federation's What We Are Proud Of Awards in 2009.