MySpace@Yarrow is an accessible studio space and range of multi-functional rooms leading on to a large walled garden and terrace at Yarrow’s offices in the Goldhawk Road. It offers great opportunities for user led activities, innovation and creativity.

It has been created by transforming two basements with the help of charitable funds to provide a space for people with disabilities both adults and people in transition.

Made accessible by clever design, ramps and a new terrace, the range of rooms are a blank canvas for people to use as they want. The added bonus of a large safe garden makes MySpace a fantastic resource for creativity and innovation.

We want to encourage people, no matter how complex and challenging their needs, to learn skills, gain confidence and improve self-esteem. The outcomes are the achievement of greater levels of self-sufficiency, the development of mutually supportive relationships, and less reliance on paid staff and institutional structures such as day centres.

For further information, please email