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Yarrow Housing
216 Goldhawk Road, London W12 9NX

Telephone: 020 8735 4600

Email for general enquiries:
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Executive Management Team
Chief Executive: John Crawford
Director of Organisational Development: Diana Cadogan
Director, Care and Support: Raj Mungur
HR and Development Manager: Olubode Olatunji
Finance Manager: Lillian Kiboma

Board members
Chair (Acting): Susan Pasint-Magyar
Treasurer: John Turner
Martin Pilkington
Wendy Tansey
Holly Holder
Prod Sarigianis
Stephane Croce
Louise Java
Sola Fadojutimi
Darren Peregrino-Brimah

Registered Office: 216 Goldhawk Road, London W12 9NX

Registered Society under The Co-operative and Community Benefits Societies Act 2014
Registration Number: 26315R

Registered by the Care Quality Commission