Casual or Bank Worker

If you want to be a support worker, but don’t want to be tied to a rota, being a Bank Worker could be ideal. Shifts are offered to bank workers when they are available, from which you can choose to work anything from a few hours a month up to 48 hours per week. Some bank workers like working across several locations, while others prefer sticking to one or two. You’ll need some relevant experience and the right attitude.

Denese says, “Being a bank worker gives me the flexibility of working when I want, so that I can fit my other commitments around my job. I’ve worked with lots of different users over the years, which has given me a wide range of experience, but nowadays I like staying within one location and am mainly based in one of Yarrow’s care home, where I feel very involved. I go to team meetings when I can and if I miss one, I’m updated by the rest of the team. I’ve been on training courses and have done my NVQ. The work is interesting and I enjoy working with the service users. I must like it – I’ve been with Yarrow for nearly 7 years.”