Deputy Manager

This job offers a first step into management in social care. You’ll have been working with people with learning disabilities for a while - maybe in a residential service, supported living, outreach or day services - and feel it’s time to move up. As a deputy manager, you still work shifts, delivering support to service users, but you also have supervisory and management responsibilities. 

Laura says, “I joined Yarrow as a support worker in 2005, working in a care home for adults with Autism. I got the chance to act up into a deputy manager role, and then got the role permanently in 2007. My manager mentored me and gave me responsibility that built up my management skills. I also had training in recruitment, supervision, appraisal, conflict resolution and managing performance. I’ve completed my NVQ3 and am now training to be an NVQ assessor. I’m motivated by having good managers, by knowing that I make a difference to the lives of service users and by helping other staff reach their potential.” 

Heidi says, “My first impressions of Yarrow were formed before I even came for an interview – I had originally applied for another job, but Yarrow contacted me to say there was also a deputy position I might want to apply for. I was impressed that Yarrow spotted my potential from my application form. I also liked the fact that a service user was on the interview panel – it proved Yarrow is serious about making sure people with learning disabilities have a voice about staff, who support them."