Managers are responsible for ensuring support is of the high quality and service user focused. Many of the managers at Yarrow have progressed into management roles whilst employed by us, not least because we believe in developing potential. But we also like recruiting new people - it brings in fresh ideas and new approaches. 

Judy says, “In my 16 years at Yarrow, I’ve managed a care service and now specialise in supported living and outreach work. It’s impossible to describe a typical day, but a lot of my time is spent building relationships with and working with staff, service users, families and professionals. Yarrow has good standards and policies, which means there are sound foundations for staff to build upon. There is a great sharing of knowledge and expertise. Yarrow offers a lot of training - at the moment I’m doing an IT course. I’ve also been able to encourage my team to develop, with many of the staff I’ve managed over the years having gone onto deputy manager or manager roles, within Yarrow and outside of the organisation. The most important thing about my job is making sure the service is right for service users and encouraging them to develop skills. That’s why we are all here.”