Opportunities at the Gate

Where staff have a particular talent or skill and would like to share this with service users, there are opportunities to develop this as part of your employment at Yarrow. 

Arlo says, “After working for three years as a support worker for Yarrow, I saw an internal advert for a role that involved running the Employment Project. It seemed a great career opportunity, whereby I’d develop extra skills. In that role – which I had for 18 months –I ran a weekly job club for service users, in which they prepared themselves for work. It involved developing interviewing skills, identifying jobs and accompanying them to interviews where necessary. When Vanessa got a part-time job with the HR department of a large, local hospital, I accompanied her for several weeks – basically until she had got to know colleagues and felt confident about being left. I left that role to become a day services worker at the Gate – and as before, I did this alongside my work as a support worker. Yarrow was able to draw on my skills, talents and creativity as a musician to develop a band called the Roll Mops with service users. Other activities I’ve got involved in at the Gate include the Acceptability’s screen printing service and song writing sessions, where I encourage services users to write about their feelings and experiences as a form of therapy and self-expression.”