Independent Living

Two-thirds of the people Yarrow supports have their own tenancy. Some of these people call on Yarrow to help them find their own flat and then to help them cope with everyday tasks such as paying rent and answering the door safely, while others already have a home and require a risk assessment or help with managing change – for example, if their family carer has died. Additional support is available from Yarrow staff as often as people need it and most access opportunities at the Gate.

Yarrow’s commitment to value and choice means that, unusually in this sector, our fees are effectively “all-inclusive.” This means that the vast majority of Yarrow Plus services are included in the service contract, rather than being hidden extras. Whether someone wants to take up multi-media profiling during their first weeks of joining us or to join the numeracy and literacy project several years later, the opportunity  - not to mention the encouragement - is there. Click on Yarrow Plus to find out more.

Adaptability is everything – people have changing needs which may mean they need less support as time goes on or conversely, they may find that one day, they need to move back to shared accommodation.

The Care Quality Commission’s latest rating for Yarrow’s domiciliary care (home support) service is 3 stars ‘excellent’.