Tony's story

A large and physically fit man, Tony loves to walk – and fast. He does not use speech and has a dual diagnosis of learning disabilities and mental health issues, which has led to some aggression to both staff and the public. He can be unpredictable, often putting himself at risk by crossing the road suddenly.

Yarrow worked out that provided Tony always has the support of two highly trained support staff, (one of whom must have known him for at least six months) and provided specific strategies are put in place (that have been devised by a clinical psychologist), then Tony can enjoy the walks he loves so much. Indeed, since these interventions have been in place, there have been no major incidents on the two days he uses the Yarrow Short Breaks service.

Drew's story

Drew loves joking around with his support worker. He has developed good communication skills through using the Short Breaks scheme and this has paid off in his relationships with others. 

Drew has also benefited from broadening his activities by taking advantage of living in London, visiting museums, sightseeing, going bowling regularly and using London transport. 

The best news of all is that there has been a reduction in recorded incidents of challenging behaviour.